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From: David : GKUK Member

"I just wanted to let you know that I think that you guys do an outstanding job with your web site.

I was a bit nervous about spending $50 with you at first. Then to add to my nervousness there was a problem with PayPal when I signed-up. Through it all you were totally on top of it and resolved the problem quickly.

I think you run a professional operation and you have proved that there are well-established, professional adult web sites out there. Thanks for taking the time with me in the beginning and thanks for providing such great content on such a regular basis. You show that customer service still exists!"

From: DC : GKUK Member

"When you said that you were recruiting porn stars at AVN for a GKUK shoot, I admit I wasn't pleased. "Great," I thought to myself, "another page full of beaver shots and bored girls rubbing the ends of their tongues together". So when I actually went to the site, I was all prepared to send you a sadly negative note, all about how you should please avoid anything
like a pornstar in the future.

And then you shattered my expectations completely!

These are lovely scenes. Lots of ardently pressed lips, no gynecological images or artificially open thighs, just pretty girls kissing each other, sometimes even with their clothes on. Girls smiling at each other! Girls touching each other's faces! Heaven. *8)

Thanks for a beautiful set of sets. I'll bet they were fun to do, too...

Thanks again."

From: Miss CV : GKUK Member

"The Hawaii shoot is wonderful. I have a feeling you have more photos from these photoshoots, and I've love to see more of them!

Keep up the great work, this my favorite site. I'm too shy to ever ask another girl to kiss me so I come here and fantasize about what it would be like."

From: Elliot : GKUK Member

"I absolutely love your site and I look forward to seeing the new photo shoots soon!

Keep up the great work!"

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