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From: Mynx
Subject: the art of girls kissing?

Try putting some actual artistic pictures up instead of cut outs from Playboy and I just might be convinced. More subtle and sophisticated my ass.

From: John
Subject: Comments

Your website is a Godsend... Although I'm not getting any work done at all looking at those videos. And now there are more coming? There's the next quarter shot to hell. Thank you!

From: Ray
Subject: Sensual site

Hi! I love your site. Even though it's soft core it has got some of the most sensual content on the Internet!
Thanks for your help and keep up the good work. I can't wait to see the revamped site. I don't see how you can top what you've got, but I know it will be awesome!

From: Kap
Subject: ok!!!

Love the site!

From: mtoon
Subject: website

Gentlemen: Yours is the most sensual, beautiful, erotic, (did I say beautiful?) innocent, and wonderful website I've ever seen. Thank you VERY much!
Tuned in E

From: Cuz
Subject: Love it! Love it!

Keep up the great work. You're the epitome of all that's right and good.
The Cuz

From: Juan Carlos
Subject: At Last!!!

At last, I find a site about the thing I love the most: girls kissing. I used to have a collection too but my hard disk crashed =(
Oh well, thank you.

From: PKL
Subject: Not porn

Thanks forever for entertaining us with such sophisticated erotica!

From: Gulati
Subject: Good job!

Good job on the new website, and congrats on getting a sponsor! I've missed you guys for so long, and its good to see you're finally back, and at the top of the search list in Google!
Kudos to the man who is making all this happen!

From: Mervyn
Subject: Keep it up

Many thanks for your wonderful website. How nice to see sensuality and passion which only women seem to understand, not the brutality of hardcore.
I look forward to more in the future. Keep it up and keep it as it is - your site is great!

From: Ian M
Subject: your site

I think your galleries are wonderful - the sight of girls kissing and cuddilng and stroking each other is a marvellous sight - very erotic without being pornographic.
Keep it up
Love, Ian

From: Wayne
Subject: Eroticism

Thanks for a wonderful site: the most erotic on the net.

Subject: (no subject)

I sure am glad you're back. I have missed Girls Kissing. I think it is so hot and sexy.

From: Teatro
Subject: Site down!

Get your shit together - WANKER!

From: Paul
Subject: Some Words Of Support

Hey there,
Just wanted to write a quick note saying that I think you're doing a bang-up job, and despite your difficulties I will continue to morally support you, and this fantastic site. You deserve all the support in the world in this endeavor. If only there were more people out there like you, dedicated to bringing us a high-quality, ad-free site specializing in one of our favorite expressions of erotic art, I think the world would be a better (and less commercially-driven) place.
Best wishes, Paul

From: Mtkk
Subject: Face-licking

Please provide face licking also. One nasty 18 seconds of face-licking action would be perfect!
Also I go to South Africa and I hire black and white girls to do it together, so interracial would be fantastic.
Keep up the good work, we miss you!

From: John
Subject: (no subject)

I just want to commend you for having the best girls kissing site on the Internet. Thanks.

From: Dave W
Subject: Fan

Longtime fan of your site. Love your video section. Always loads and runs clean. Keep up the good work.

From: Michael
Subject: Thanks Paul

Just wanted to say thank you for putting site this together. My wife and I really do enjoy it.. Well, at least when it was up. Like me :-)
Thanks again, Mike & Maria

From: James
Subject: Let there be girls kissing!

From an "empty space" between the orbits of planets we can tell where another planet once must have been... Just such a void is created with the absence of "Girls Kissing". The universe reveals a loss. As Oscar Wilde no doubt would have said, had he liked women: "let them kiss!"

From: Omegacode
Subject: Kevin and Bean

KROQ is the shit huh? I listen to that station all the time 106.7 KROQ FM... Southern California is really into that stuff... Known about your site for a long time before KROQ though... Back when you only had, like, 6 galleries.

From: David L
Subject: Elegant

What a fabulous web site. Probably the most elegant I've ever encountered.

From: RW
Subject: Hello

Welcome Back!! We missed you. This is the best site on the web. Keep it up.
Splinter - Sydney, Australia

From: Adam In Los Angeles
Subject: (no subject)

Los Angeles is no longer "sun in the fun" as we all await the return of this site. PLEASE, for all that is HOLY, get things back in order!

From: TT Tons
Subject: Best site out there

Thank God you're gonna reappear! Yours is the best site out there!

From: Luke
Subject: Good Luck

I found out about your site from Blowfish's "Caught in the Net". I really like it - you're one of my favorites. Thanks.
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